Sushi for Massage Girls

7 Sep

Let’s say you are a returning customer to the same Angel massage provider more than  two or three times. Then her oil massage must be truely special. How about bringing her a little gift for additional attention? Some guys will buy clothing, others chocolate. If you know your provider on Soi 24-1 will be hungry at around lunch or dinner time, why not take out some Japanese sushi from one of the nearby restaurants? Thai women love Japanese food!


Take out Sushi


Quick Visit

16 Jan

Mezzanine Level with promotion shows and contest

Finally, I made another trip to Terminal 21, today. It’s become an important landmark of Bangkok shopping and more than that, a venue for promotional activities. Although situated in the heart of tourist hotels, majority of shoppers and visitors are not foreigners but Thai people. The large floor on Mezzanine level sets perfect stage for promotional shows, contests, small trade fairs and competitions. It’s noisy and crowded on weekend. The best view can be enjoyed from Haagen Dasz ice cream store up one level. Try their Belgian chocolate scoops on waffles. It’s so delicious, I always fall for it after an oil massage in Bangkok!

Closed Shop

4 Jan

Closed for Holidays, but open after January 5th: Angel Massage

While walking towards Angles on New Years Day, I noticed their door was closed and a yellow piece of paper left to the door explained the situation. The shop is closed for Holidays and will stay closed until January 5th, 2013. After that business as usual can be expected. Happy New Year to all oil massage girls from Angels. They do deserve a good vacation!

Pink Panther

5 Nov
shop 24-1

Themed after famous cartoon: Pink Panther Entertainment

One must admit, their life-sized cartoon and signs are excellent marketing for an BKK oil massage shop. being placed left of BKK Allstars shop it’s offering aroma. lotion and gel courses. They opened shop early 2012 with just a few ladies and expanded to an ever larger growing stable of servants. Their website is up, but not very functional. I think it’s best to go there right away and ask for a lineup of available service providers. Good luck.

Sailor Uniforms

6 Oct
sailor uniform

Sailor Uniform masseuse from Pink massage on Soi 24

Last Friday my friends from Argentina were visiting Pink together with me. We chatted over the images of their photo album and I told them, we can actually ask the manager for a lineup of girls rather than just judging from photos. They were saying like “what, is that really possible? Yes, let’s see them.” Needelss to say my friends easily decided on a lady for two hours of lotion massage. The cuteness and kind personality of Thai woman overwhelmed them once they stool in front of them with high heels and Japanese style sailor uniforms with short blue skirts. Hard to resist and they were more than happy once treatment time elapsed. They were back for three days in a row. First Bangkok massage is an Addict massage in Pink Bangkok for certain.

Apple Massage Expansion

11 Aug
Apple Massage

Storefront on Soi 24/1: Apple Massage with new annex

It’s already some month ago when Apple massage expanded it’s facilities. They combined two shops into one, added new website and did a bit of refurbishing. Now, they offer set priced including special massage, but patrons can still chose to pay for massage only and award tip themselves. Their old mamasan Pim is no longer working there and some ladies changed shop for Angel, but many new therapists have joined Apple’s team. I would say it is one of the best Bangkok massage places on soi 24-1, today.

Dozo Massage renamed

25 May

Dozo was recently renamed to Casanova Spa and Karaoke. It’s a very nice shop on Soi 24-1 with spacious suites containing a massage bed, couch and large shower area. A free drink is included in their pricing. Their business cards offer a free course for each 10 sessions purchased. Another newly renovated place opened next to Angel: Cherry Massage.  Cherry was one of the top girls of neighbouring parlors: Mango Soi 24. She is now, the owner of her own shop and busy with administration as mamasan once renovation is completed.

Dozo Massage